August 19, 2014


 In order to efficiently clear goods across the borders in Tanzania, the shipper (Importer or
cargo owner needs to submit the following (documents as a minimum) to the clearing and
Forwarding Agent:-
• Commercial Invoice
• Packing List
• Certificate of Origin
• Phytosanitary certificate
• Certificate of Conformity
• Radiation Certificate

Entry or exit has to be through authorized points and routes. Goods crossing the borders
should pass through Customs and other government agencies clearance formalities at the
borders. Clearance processes involve the facilitation of other institutions such as:
• Clearing and Forwarding Agents
• The Ministry Of Finance – Tanzania Revenue Authority
• Ministry of Livestock Development and Fisheries (Animal Health)
• Ministry of Agriculture Food security and Cooperatives (Plant Health)
• Ministry of Home Affairs (Immigration Service, Tanzania Police Force)
• Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism (Department of Forestry)
• Government agencies at borders ensure that government laws on certification, verification
and testing of quality or standard of imported goods are enforced. The agencies responsible
include: The Tanzania Food and Drugs Authority (TFDA), Tanzania Bureau of Standard
(TBS), Tanzania Atomic Energy Commission, Ministry of agriculture for phytosanitary
services, Government Chemist and Tanzania Pesticides Research Institute (TPRI).