July 08, 2014

unajua neno flying saucer limetomea wapi?

             In what is considered the true start of the modern UFO era, Seattle pilot and businessman
             Kevin Arnold spotted a number of “undulating” shapes flying over Mount
             Rainier one afternoon in May, 1947, moving at speeds many times faster
             that the best aircraft of the day could achieve. Somehow he got the media’s
             attention after he landed and, upon declaring that the objects seemed to
           “skip like saucers across a pond”, the term “flying saucer” was born, thus
            starting a new chapter in the world of aerial phenomena. Skeptics today
             continue to challenge Arnold’s assessment of the craft’s actual speed and
             distance or claim they were merely light reflections off his own cockpit window,
            but it can’t be denied that whatever it was Mr. Arnold saw that day,
          his curious encounter in the skies over the Pacific Northwest had a greater
          effect on our culture than even he could have imagined.
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