July 29, 2014


Anyone can come up with a goal, but not everyone has the ability to achieve it.
For that to happen, you need to take action first. Goals are not like dreams or
Prayers. You cannot just close your eyes and wish for it to happen. You have to
do something.
But of course, it does not end there. Certainly, taking the first step toward
reaching your goal is the most crucial but it is not the only thing you have to do.
There are a lot more steps to take and work hard on, and for that you need to
Be focused.
You need to learn how to ignore distraction. Perhaps in a perfect world, no
Person would subject themselves to distraction when trying to reach a goal.
But this is reality, and distraction comes in all shapes and sizes.
Sometimes, distraction comes from within. This is the worst obstacle of all
Just how do you ignore something that lives inside your mind or heart? This is
When motivation kicks in. As the old adage goes, when the going gets tough,
The going gets tougher.
  *Goals are like a destination that you have to reach                                             Taking action is what gives you direction toward your goal.
* Staying focused ensures that you are always on the right path.
* And lastly, motivation is what makes sure that you will do anything and
Everything to reach the end of the path, arrive at your destination, and
Achieve your goal.
        This is a never ending and rather flexible cycle. At times, you will need to
Motivate yourself to take action. Other times, you need to take action to stay
Focused. In any case, which either goes first does not matter; do not be
Surprised if you find yourself jumping from one tip to another. What matters is
That you are taking positive steps toward reaching your goal.
If you are ready to make your goal come true.